Machine used to determine the adhesion strength between the friction material and the metallic pad to which it is bonded.

  • The disk brake pad under test is mounted in a specially designed fixture to allow the application of a load to compress a face of the friction material by a vertical pressing cylinder;
  • A cylinder applies an incremental force of cross-sectional cut by means of a cutter blade;
  • The control system records the force applied at the moment of the separation of the friction material from its support.


  • Fixtures of easy construction;
  • Cutter blade with an insertion device for simple and quick type change;
  • Automatic computing of the cut effort: relationship between the cutting force and the surface of the brake disc pad under test;
  • Possibility to execute tests constituted of some measures, with automatic calculation of the minimum, maximum and mean values of the compression load and the cutting effort;
  • Automatic generation of graphic reports;
  • Management of archives of test descriptions;
  • Automatic management of the archives of the results of the executed tests.

Technical characteristics:

  • Disk brake pad surfaces from 8 to 100 cm2 with maximum width 200 millimeter;
  • Maximum cutting blade approach stoke: 50 millimeter;
  • Maximum cutting force : 100 kN;
  • Force of vertical compression cylinder : 50 N/cm2;
  • Incremental ratio of the cutting force: 4500 N/sec.